May 1st 2021

Just a few days ago we marked the 3rd anniversary of Adventures in ENF. A lot has changed since the early days but we have grown a lot since then and we owe it all to our readers and supporters.

To mark the occasion we brought back all our main characters from the comics for a sexy celebration

More panels on our Patreon Feed

Once again thanks to everyone for three wonderful years.

The Team at Adventures in ENF

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January 19th 2021

Hard to believe is been almost a year since we published our last comic.

2020 is been a rough year all around. For us our troubles began when our former payment gateway decided to freeze their payments (which is a nice way to say they decided to go ahead and steal our revenues). Without a way to sell our comics we had no choice but to suspend production until things turned around.

After a long seach and a number of setbacks we finally found a new partner in Verotel and with the release of "Way of the Humiliating Palm" we're finally back to producing our comics.

From now on you'll find a add to cart button in the product page. Once the cart is filled to your heart content go to the cart page and select checkout. Once the checkout is completed you will be taken to the download page of your account if logged in or a checkout page with a download link if not. You should also receive two emails, a receipt from verotel and one from us with the same download link.

We still need to polish the interface a bit and you'll still find some reference to Zombaio here and there we haven't quite finished scrubbing up. Please disregard them.

We tested the system to the best of our ability but if you encounter any difficulties with your purchase please contact us at

We thank everyone for their patience.

It's good to be back.

The Team at Adventures in ENF

January 26th 2020

We're happy to announce that after over four months in production our latest comic "Eye of the Beholder" is now available in the store; make sure to check it out here

Our Patron's poll to chose the storyline for our next issue closes tomorrow; consider joining us on Patreon to cast your vote

In case you missed our "Choose the videogame heroines" mini-comic is now available here

Also in the news we made some update to "The Equalizer" replacing the first few pages with updated version as well as correcting errors in the text and pagination. Anyone who already owns a copy can download the updated version from the my account - downloads sections

Thank you

The Team at Adventures in ENF

September 16th  2019

Here is a quick roundup of our current project:

1) "Eye of the beholder" is the winner of our "Our next comic poll" on Patreon and it's going to be our next release. You can still read the plot here

We should have a full preview sometime in October

2) The poll to choose which storyline will become our 10th issue is still open, you can read the plots here

Consider joining us on Patreon as a tier "Fan" supporter to cast your vote

Check our Teaser Section in Odds and Ends for more samples including our teaser mini-comic for "The Equalizer - Tower of Bongo"

3) We are currently running a poll for our next fanart mini-comic. After the superheroines and the villainesses is time to choose the video game heroines.

Anyone can cast their vote here poll close on September 21st

Look for samples in the Fanart section of our odds and ends

4) Our ren'py game "The mind society" is about to get a third installment; for now it's still a Patreon exclusive, consider becoming a supporter tier "Fanatic" to download the game

As always if you want to keep tabs on all our news consider following us on Twitter, Deviantart, Reddit and of course Patreon

Thank you

The Team at Adventures in ENF

May 26th 2019

A preview for our upcoming comic "Agents of E.N.F. - The Cephalopod Strikes!" is now available in the store; go on and check it out here: Agents of ENF - TCS

For those who have missed it a 6 pages fanart mini comic is also available here: Psylocke and Power Girl mini-comic

The comic is the result of a poll we held on our Patreon Page and the superheroines were chosen by the voters. We hold public polls frequently and produce mini comics or single panels according to the results. The polls are open and free to all, supporters and not, so keep an eye out for the next on our patreon feed

Finally we now have a Frequently Asked Questions page, consider reading it if you're planning a purchase and as always before making your purchase make sure you have registered and logged in

Thank you

The Team at Adventures in ENF

April 6th 2019

We're happy to announce that after 4 months in the works, 69 pages and over 400 renders our latest comic "World of Shamecraft - Wrath of Kittorax" is finally available for purchase.

We are all very happy with the final result; it is in many ways something that is never been done before and we wish to thank everyone who supported us and made it possible.

As always before making a purchase make sure you have registered and logged in. If you create an account AFTER making the purchase or without logging in the system will eventually link your purchase to your account but that can take from a few minutes up to several hours.

Also in technical news we solved most of the software issues and bugs that affected our site. One issue we are not been able to resolve is the one with the duplicate confirmation mails. In some cases you may receive multiple copies of your order confirmation mail; please note this dosn't mean you are being rebilled. It is apparently a WooCommerce bug triggered by high traffic.

If you want to keep tabs on us make sure to check our Patreon feed and consider following or supporting us. 

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us at

The Team at Adventures in ENF

January 6th 2019

Happy New Year!

We start the new year by finally launching our Patreon page, check it out here

If you love our comics and want to help us do more (and faster) consider supporting us. We'll be sharing our progress, previews and plans for the future as well as have our supporters pick up which comic they want to see next from a line up of ongoing projects.

Finally we hope to rally enough support to start work in earnest on our ren'py game "The Mind Society". Hopefully we'll have a working demo ready in the coming months.

As always thanks to everyone for your continued support.

The Team at Adventures in ENF

December 26th 2018

We are now accepting commissions for custom artwork, read all the details here

Thank you

The Team at Adventures in ENF

December 20th 2018

Happy Holidays!

A full preview for our upcoming comic "World of Shamecraft: The Wrath of Kittorax" is now available in the store, check it out here

We also revamped our "Odds and Ends" single-panels gallery and added a few panels from our early days, it's all here

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful year from all of us here at Adventures in ENF

December 13th 2018

It's been a while since our last update. We have been mostly tied down with a stubborn technical issue on our site, where confirmation e-mails for purchases are either not sent or duplicated over and over. We're still hard at work trying to figure out the source of the problem and we apologize to anyone affected.

Meanwhile, our latest comic "Wrath of Kittorax" is coming along nicely. We should have a full, fifteen page preview published before Christmas. We expect to release the full comic in January.

Once again, we thank everyone for their support.

The Team at Adventures in ENF

November 1st 2018

A beta version of our new store is finally online.

We plan to add more functions and make the site mobile-friendly in the coming weeks as well as publishing our latest material but in the meanwhile our comics are finally up for grabs again.

Anyone interested in making a purchase should register first; you'll need an account to download your items.

As always send your feedback or report any issue or broken links to

Thank you and enjoy

The Team at Adventures in ENF

October 15th 2018

As some of you already know we suffered a few technical setbacks in bringing our new store online. While we were hoping to have the store up and running today we now expect it to be ready, with a bit of luck, by the end of October.

We thank all our fans and supporters for their patience. We'll be working around the clock to solve the remaining issues and bring back our comics asap.

Thank you

The Team at Adventures in ENF

September 25th 2018

Starting on October 1st we will transition from a subscription site to an e-commerce site.

All existing subscription will still be valid until their natural expiration date and updates will be published as scheduled. There will be no auto-renewal and none of our active members will be charged past October 1st.

This change has come as the result of mostly negative reactions to the membership/auto-renewal system. We decided to switch to a system where the customer can purchase the comics they want without committing  to future purchases.

We are confident that this model will allow us to produce even better comics and dedicate time to additional projects that our fans may enjoy.

We would also like to take this time to thank all our members and everyone who has supported the site and helped it grow into what it is today.

As always we are committed to producing high-quality digital erotica and new and exciting comics. We will release a new publication soon so keep your eyes on this page and our social media for updates.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us at

The Team at Adventures in ENF